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Vendor Performance

States across the nation are engaged in creating standardized IT contractor performance assessments either through legislative or regulatory action. ITAPS supports a vendor evaluation process that ensures a fair, 360 degree performance review. Key in this assessment is consideration of a state agency’s communications with its vendor and overall project management including whether a state’s actions contributed to nonperformance, cost overruns, or delayed project implementation. ITAPS recommends a vendor performance evaluation to determine how well a state agency:

1) identified means to reduce vendor communications barriers;
2) articulated the state agency’s business and performance needs and desired outcomes of a project;
3) developed a strong procurement strategy/plan;
4) created a project plan for complex procurements;
5) clearly identified the attributes for successful performance of a responsible and responsive IT contractor; and
6) timely assigned project staff and executed a state’s responsibilities associated with the project.

Finally, a state’s vendor performance process should incorporate an opportunity for a contractor to review the evaluation and challenge its contents especially if it will be a determining factor in any future state contract procurement.


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